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During the last few years to invest in Spain has been developed to be a difficult and delicate task. Most of the time the spectacular growth experienced by the Real Estate market in Spain has not been matched with a coherent city planning respectful with the environment which created detention of projects, fines to construction companies, etc.. Therefore, to purchase Real Estate in Spain with a wrong legal advice could derive posterior problems difficult to be solved.

NCS Abogados with out-standing legal experience in the Real Estate market can provide one hundred per cent reliability to its clients when investing in the Spanish market.

NCS Abogados absolutely guarantees the legality of the purchase and sale agreement as well as provide support and information during the entire purchasing process, establishing guarantees for the buyer that at all times will have their money protected in spite of paying for the property in one, two or more years.

Our legal searching system with access to information filed in the Hall of Records and Real Estate Registry, as well as in the urban departments of the Town Council will avoid our clients buying a propriety that legally is not in good conditions.

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