Conveyancing services include:

  • Preparation of contracts.

  • Taxes schedule.

  • Land Registry relations.

  • Documentation required in the Notary’s office Power of Attorney – if the client is unable to complete by themselves, an NCS Abogados will send this to the client by email to validate in the UK.

  • NIE Numbers (identification number required for all foreigners), where possible. This is required for any property purchase.

  • Legal Searches on the situation of property and builders.

  • Payments schedule regarding the legal searches.


The service involves all the legal steps from the clients deciding to invest in the State. market, until they have the legal property ownership.

Will writing service

  • Meeting with the client and giving legal advice.
  • Translating of deeds from Spanish to English.
  • Providing the client with will writing services tailored to their individual requirements.
  • Procedures at the Notary’s office or Court for inheritance awarded.
  • Submitting and completion of documents to the notary offices.​​

Business and Corporate Department

NCS Abogados has a big experience in registration representative offices as well as in creation new legal entities in Spain. We help you to choose the best form and the best structure for your business, offering you an advice tailored to their individual requirements, and explain all advantages and disadvantages different forms of legal entities. We also can assist you in shares issuance and changing of registration.

Our corporate department assists clients in management of business. The group of experienced lawyers organizes a structure of your business. Prosecute shares acquisition and company registration help, and make shareholders list, giving you a legal support with shareholders meetings.


  • Corporate finance
  • Start-up agreements, shareholder agreements, operating agreements and other start-up business contracts
  • Record-keeping legal requirements
  • Advice and representation in front of the National Trade Register Office and other administrative bodies for purpose of business start-up
  • Joint venture and companies excision
  • Liquidation and administration
  • Legal advice on company transactions and shares in companies


Our knowledge about Spanish business and corporate regulation give us the possibility to advice clients leading big investments, like property project, hotels and big companies.

Litigation and arbitration

On business, the only way to compete effectively in the business world is if the rules are followed by al the players. Sometimes, even the most save investment, could involve breaches or defaults from promoters or real estate agents, that could need a stronger legal support.

Sometimes, in the commercial relationships when your competitors breach contracts, or simply, infringe upon your rights, or engage in unfair trade practices, the only way out is to go to a court prosecution, once friendly channels is not successful and an amicable settlement is not agreed upon by the parties.

It is a policy at NCS Abogados to use friendly ways meanwhile is possible; however we have excellent aggressive business litigation and commercial arbitration attorneys whose will defend you firmly from those who diminish your rights.

Consultancy with complex investments

NCS Abogados is a multidiscipline group of professionals at your disposal offering consultancy on a wide variety of investments, including buying or absorption of big companies, consultancy in hotel and commercial products transactions, investment in petrol and renewable energies, urbanistic developments, etc.

These highly qualified and high quality services, are offered through lawyers of NCS Abogados together with other associated professionals like economists, architects, topographers, hotel consultants, financial consultants, etc. always with the coordination, management and responsibility of NCS Abogados, who respond legally for the quality of the service.

NCS Abogados have informed and consulted in many large projects with international investors. These services are offered globally, all of the transactions come with fiscal consultancy of highest quality.

The rendering of this service includes a first visit to the client investor, without any charge, where the consultants of NCS Abogados​ expose to the client the strategic plan in relation to the investment. The client will have access to those professionals and will be billed from then on for this consulting.

Criminal law

The fact of being a party, no matter if as the plaintiff or the defendant, in the commission of a Crime or a Minor Offence always implies a difficult and unpleasant situation as it affects the most important assets of the human being. For that reason, this subject is one where the person needs to be assessed the most by a professional who assumes the defense of those assets and rights and who represents that person before the Courts of Law and Justice.

In our Firm, you will find professionals who will represent and defend your interests if you become a party in the commission of a crime or of an offence and also lawyers who will assist you in Court when the accusations are set.